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Veterinary Medicine

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CVM Wellness

The College of Veterinary Medicine Wellness Initiative was launched in 2017 to create awareness and implement strategies to better the wellbeing of students, staff and faculty. Goals include promoting self-care and wellness, creating a culture of comradery, inclusion and wellbeing, and providing a curriculum that gives students the necessary tools to enjoy a healthy, productive and rewarding veterinary career.

The House System

The House System is popular in the United Kingdom and used by many schools in the United States, including some veterinary schools! The OSU CVM House System aims to focus on promoting intellectual growth, mental and emotional health, social development, cultural competence and physical health.
Members of the CVM (students, graduate students, faculty, staff, and house officers) were sorted into one of four houses (Camuti, Ewing, Iben, and Krull). The four houses were named after individuals who shaped the trajectory of veterinary medicine through innovative theory and demonstrated passion and dedication to the profession as a whole. This is the first system or organization to include all members of the CVM, allowing students to connect with other members of the CVM family early in their education.
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