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Veterinary Medicine

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  • How do I submit a proposal for Fall Conference or Summer Seminar?
    Please complete a speaker's interest form.  Fall Conference and Summer Seminar fill up quickly.  We usually have slots filled up to a year in advance, so please plan accordingly.
  • What are sponsored presentations?
    Sponsored presentations are presentations paid for by corporations or industry.  They cover all the costs of the speaking engagement, including the speaker's honorarium.  
  • What are the session requirements?

    Fall Conference and Summer Seminar speakers present "live" (although Summer Seminar is virtual) and provide a 40-45 minute lecture using a power point slideshow, and allow for 5 minutes for questions (no more than 50 minutes total).  One 40-45 minute session should have no more than 20-30 slides.  Slides should be consistent in format, with a consistently dark or consistently light background, and standard fonts.  Photos should be clear, high resolution content.  Video and audio files may require special handling.  


    All sessions will be recorded for potential use as online CE content.


    For more on slideshow best practices, contact us.


    OSU CVM Faculty may wish to use the OSU CVM branded power point available on the "I" drive: 

    Branding  College of Vet Med  Vet Med PP Presentation 1


  • I am traveling to present, how is this compensation handled?

    If selected to present, out of area speakers are paid a flat rate, which consists of an honorarium plus travel expenses.  Speakers should make their own travel arrangements, but should let us know if they require any assistance.  The Stillwater Airport abbreviation is SWO.   We recommend you stay at the Atherton Hotel

  • What expenses are included?
    Contact us for information on expenses.
  • Are the sessions RACE approved?
    At this time, we are asking speakers to meet RACE standards, but are not submitting sessions for RACE approval.
  • The speaker's information form asks for learning outcomes.  What should those look like?
    Learning outcomes clearly illustrate to the session participants what they can expect to learn from the session.  Learning outcomes may reflect or describe skills, abilities, knowledge or values that the participants should be able to relate or demonstrate following the session.  You may see more examples on the learning outcome example page.
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