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Veterinary Medicine

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about online continuing education courses, we're here to help! Browse the list of frequently asked questions below or contact us for assistance.

  • What's the best way to find a course in the online catalog?

    Our courses are indexed several ways.  You might try searching a term you are interested in, for instance, canine influenza.  You may also search by a given term or name:


    • Value Pack (our most popular search term)

    • Instructor's Name

    • Species Name

    • Practice area (Companion, Food Animal, Equine, General, Practice Management)

    You may also view the following Youtube video, which explains searching the catalog.


    You may also download a copy of our most recently updated course catalog online.  

  • How should I enroll if I am using an OKEY ( email account?

    This requires special procedures.  See this link for the steps.  Remember, before you enroll, please LOGIN first!  If  you forget, and Canvas Catalog will create a duplicate account each time you sign up, and your course will not appear on the dashboard.  This requires the merging of accounts and will slow down the process.   

  • I am licensed in another state.  Will the online courses count as CE in other states?

    The CVM online courses have been approved by the Oklahoma Veterinary Board.


    If you are licensed in another state, please note many states accept CE when it is offered (1) as approved by another state board (OSU CVM CE is Oklahoma Board approved); or (2)  offered by an accredited veterinary school (OSU CVM is an accredited school).  Please satisfy yourself as to your state's requirements.


    Courses must be fully completed during the license renewal period in order to be accepted as continuing education. Courses started in one license renewal period and later finished in the following license renewal period are only accepted in the latter renewal period once fully complete.

  • What should I do if I have trouble registering for a course?

    Make sure you are using a chrome browser on a laptop or desktop.


    If switching browsers does not help, try the following:


    1. Attempt to clear your cache and cookies and then attempt to enroll in the Outreach Course. Directions for clearing your cache and cookies in Google Chrome are:
    2. Click the Tools menu (three dotted lines in the upper right corner of the page)
    3. Select History
    4. Select Clear Browsing Data from the left-hand side.
    5. Set the Time Range to All time.
    6. Check mark Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files and select Clear Data.
    7. Quit out of Google Chrome and reopen for the changes to take effect.


    If this does not help, please call 405-744-7672 or email for assistance.

  • What is this "PROMO CODE" thing?  What do I put in there?
    Good news, you can SKIP the promo code.  You don't have to put anything in there at all.  Just tab or mouse to the next field.
  • I've registered for my first class, what should I do next?

    In addition to a receipt for payment, you should receive two emails from canvas/instructure. 


    One will say "congratulations, you're enrolled." The other will say "set up your account" or "confirm your account." 


    Follow the instructions to set up your account. You must set up your account before you can access the course. 

    Click ONLY The big blue button that says "COMPLETE REGISTRATION"  (see example at the bottom of this page).


    It may take up to 30 minutes to receive the email. Please check your SPAM/JUNK MAIL/CLUTTER folder for the messages.


    If you don't receive the 'set up your account' email in a timely manner, reach out to Christine Nichols at (405) 744-7672 or

  • What should I do if paid for the course, and have the receipt, but I don't receive an enrollment message via email?

    Check your SPAM and Junk mail folders.  If you don't find it there in about 30 minutes, you may:

    Contact Christine at (405) 744-7672 



    • Go to the LOGIN screen, click "forgot password"
    • Select "PUBLIC" login if you have an email address other than ""
    • Select "OKEY" login if you have an email address.
    • Enter the email address with which you registered  **Double check the address to make sure there is not a typo in your email address**
    • Select 'Forgot Password."  
    • The system should send you a password reset link within 30 minutes.  
    • Reset your Password
    • Login and check your dashboard for the course
  • I have registered for my second or subsequent class, what should I do next?

    If you have received a 'congratulations, you're enrolled' email, it should contain a line that says "click here to access your course." If you don't receive the email, login here:


    Use the "PUBLIC" login if you are using an email address that doesn't contain "" 


    Use the "OKEY" login if you registered using an email OSU okstate email address.

  • What happens if I have forgotten my password or email address?

    ( email address):  Click "Catalog Login" then click, the 'forgot password?' link. Follow the instructions. If you have forgotten the email you used to register, please check your saved emails for the confirmation, and if you still can't figure out what email address you used, contact Christine Nichols (405) 744-7672,


    (Okey email address):  Click OSU Okey Login and proceed through the DUO authentication process.  If you have issues, please reach out to the IT help desk, 

  • I'm logged in, what do I do next?

    Click the photo/tile of the name of the course.  

  • I'm logged in, but there's not a course listed on my dashboard.

    First, check and make sure you are logging into the correct instance of Canvas. The CE Courses are in the non-credit instance of canvas, also referred to as Canvas Catalog.  

    Sign in here.


    If you have an email address that ends in something besides '' then login as "Public Login"


    If you have an email address, login as OKEY.


    If you are logged in correctly to the appropriate instance, and there's still nothing showing up under your dashboard, and you have an email address, it's possible that canvas created a second instance of your account when you registered. In this instance, we have to send a ticket to IT and ask them to merge your user file. You may reach out to the helpdesk by email, or contact me directly.



  • I am all the way through the course, but the quiz is not appeaing. What should I do?  

    Unfortunately, there are a couple of browsers that are not playing nice with the quizzes.  Try another browser, and see if that works.  If you continue to have issues, let us know!


  • I'm still lost!
    No problem, contact us and we'll help!  (405) 744-7672, 
  • I finished the course, but i haven't received my certificate.  What should I do?

    First, the certificate can take a while to send.  If you haven't received it in a reasonable amount of time, you my check for your certificate by following this process:


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