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Veterinary Medicine

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Cohn Pet Care Facility

We offer boarding services for cats and dogs as well as long-term care through the Continual Care Program.

Continual Care Program

Boarding Facility

cohn pet care facility


Call us to schedule an appointment


Additional Services

  • Medications: $5 per day or $20 per week, per animal
  • Extra walks: $5 per day or $20 per week, per animal
  • Extra feedings: $5 per day or $20 per week, per animal
  • Bath 25 lb & under: $20
  • Bath 26-60 lb: $35
  • Bath over 60 lb: $50
  • Nail trims: $10

Take a walk through the facility

The Cohn Pet Care Facility is located on eight acres of land north of the OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital. The building is 6,600 sq. ft with some very special features including:
  • A cat room, specifically designed to meet the exercise needs of cats, is located inside where the sun shines into the room most of the day
  • A designated area for veterinary medical examinations, treatment and grooming
  • Outdoor runs and separate dog kennels are provided
  • An indoor visiting area for cats and an outside visiting area for dogs where they can enjoy being with people in an atmosphere that is just like home

Before you Board

All pets must be current on their vaccinations at the time of boarding. All required vaccinations must be given be a licensed veterinarian.
Dogs: rabies and canine distemper, canine adenovirus type 2, canine parainfluenza, and parvovirus vaccination, Bordetella
Cats: rabies and calicivirus, panleukopenia, and rhinotracheitis
Once you've scheduled an appointment, complete the boarding form below prior to your pet's stay.
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