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Loyal and True - Pam Hazlip retires after 26 years

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Pam Hazlip

Loyal and true is the perfect way to describe Pam Hazlip. Pam, who recently retired from the College of Veterinary Medicine was a dedicated staff member for 26 years.

In 1998, Pam started working for the CVM in central supply, where she later moved to reception. Pam primarily worked in the small animal hospital but filled in for large animal reception when needed.


Over the years, Pam saw various animals ranging from dogs and cats to exotic pets such as birds and turtles.


“The dogs were my favorite,” Hazlip said. “We had a blue and red heeler that I always loved seeing when they came in.”


Hazlip said her favorite memory was when a loyal customer brought in her wallaby to be seen.


“The owner was so nice and the wallaby was so cute,” Hazlip said.


During her time at the CVM, Hazlip said she met a lot of great clients and patients.

On behalf of the CVM, we would like to thank Hazlip for her time and dedication to the college, clients, and patients. Her dedication and work ethic won’t be forgotten.

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