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Veterinary Medicine

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Class Projects and Gifts

Are you and your classmates considering starting your own class project? If so, please contact Kyndall Meyer at the OSU Foundation at 405-385-0970 or


  • Class of 1953

    Oyler Conference Room

  • Classes of 1960 and 1969

    Dr. Michael D. Lorenz Endowed Scholarship for Veterinary Medicine

    In honor of all that Dr. Lorenz has contributed to the veterinary profession—as a small animal practitioner, an instructor, a researcher, an academic leader/author, and a proponent of veterinary medicine—the Classes of 1960 and 1969 have established the Dean Michael D. Lorenz Endowed Scholarship to benefit future OSU veterinary students.

  • Class of 1963

    Distinguished Lectureship Series

    The Class of 1963 provides an opportunity for faculty, students and practitioners to interact annually with an eminent scholar. Chosen event speakers will be leaders of national and international reputation in biomedical research, veterinary science and medicine from across North America and internationally. Regular visits by outstanding clinicians and researchers promote interactions with other academic institutions, provide opportunities to demonstrate first-hand the strengths of our programs, stimulate recruiting, and generally raise the visibility and reputation of the OSU CVM. The endowed fund sponsored by the class supports the cost of the annual lectureship which is the keynote address for the CVM Fall Veterinary Conference. 


    Sharon Worrell Ambassador Endowed Scholarship

    The scholarship supports veterinary students demonstrating interest in CVM alumni engagement, and the importance of serving as Ambassadors of their alma mater.

  • Class of 1964
    The class of 1964 endowed scholarship in veterinary medicine provides earnings to support a fulltime, 3rd or fourth-year student at OSU CVM, exhibiting excellent clinical skills.
  • Class of 1965

    The class stepped forward to help provide adequate learning space for our growing class size while recognizing Roger J. Panciera (’53). 

  • Class of 1968

    Dr. Roger J. Panciera Endowed Scholarship

    Created in 2018 at the class' 50th reunion anniversary, the scholarship honors a former professor, mentor and nationally renowned pathologist, Roger J. Panciera, DVM (1953). The award benefits students with documented financial need. 

  • Class of 1970

    Museum on Wheels
    The Class of 1970 has established a class project through a Museum on Wheels Fund. The Museum on Wheels establishes a permanent legacy in honor of the veterinary campus and Class of 1970 for the restoration of a 1953 vintage truck, a unique vehicle preserving the heritage of veterinary medicine education and the tools of the trade as the years have advanced. The mobile iconic veterinary museum will be seen on display and in exhibition venues to chronicle veterinary medicine history.

    The Museum on Wheels is now ready for internal and external collegiate and community events. This veterinary ambulatory truck is complete with veterinary instruments on display contributed by OSU College of Veterinary Medicine alumni. To reserve the Museum on Wheels for an event, contact Sharon Worrell at 405-744-5630 or University policies and accountability processes apply.


    Sharon Worrell Ambassador Endowed Scholarship

    The scholarship supports veterinary students demonstrating interest in CVM alumni engagement, and the importance of serving as Ambassadors of their alma mater.

  • Class of 1971

    The Class of 1971 is working toward establishing funding for landscaping for the new classroom facility. 

  • Class of 1973
    Understanding that endowed funds are critical to the University because they generate predictable, growing streams of income that sustain service programs, the class of 1973 established the “Class of 1973 Sharon Worrell Veterinary Alumni Relations Endowment” focused on creating alumni reunions and engagement opportunities for all OSU veterinary alumni.
  • Class of 1977

    Veterinary Medicine Fund

    Donations from the Class of 1977 continue to build as the class works toward determining a specific project. 

  • Class of 1978

    The Class of 1978 is working toward a new gift supporting student learning.

  • Class of 1982

    Class of 1982 Scholarship
    Established as a Class of 1982 scholarship gift, the purpose of the award is to assist full-time enrolled veterinary students with documented financial need.  

  • Class of 1984

    Veterinary Medicine Fund
    Established in 1993 as a Class of 1984 project, gifts made to this fund continue to build toward the endowed level.

  • Class of 1989
    Class of 1989 Endowed Scholarship
    Donations from the Class of 1989 have endowed a scholarship with the inaugural award made in 2018.
  • Class of 1990
    Glenn Patterson Memorial Scholarship
    Established in 1997 by the class of 1990 in memory of their late classmate, Glenn A. Patterson. The scholarship supports students of high moral character, dedicated to the advancement of food animal production medicine.
  • Class of 1997
    Classmates of 1997 created giving for Alumni Affairs programming.
  • Class of 2002
    Brad Fields Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    Named for a late classmate, awards benefit a first-year student with financial need.
  • Class of 2007
    Veterinary Medicine Fund
    The Class of 2007 designated funds for use on an outdoor campus improvement project that is utilized by the students of the College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Class of 2017

    Pay It Forward
    Prior to commencement, the class made a departing gift of $1,200 to establish the Pay It Forward Fund.

    The Fund is designed to provide clients a way to get their animals the care they need when the client may not be able to afford it at the time. It is also intended to provide treatment for stray animals in need of veterinary medical attention.

    “The intention of the ‘pay it forward’ aspect is the hope that clients who use it will make contributions and that our class, our families, and the community will make yearly contributions to the fund,” explains Dr. Kaitlyn Coyes, class representative.


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