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Veterinary Medicine

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Our Mission

The Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine Faculty Development Program is designed to influence improved student performance outcomes through the continuous pursuit of improved instructional and assessment methods in both the pre-clinical and clinical curriculum. These ongoing development efforts focus on pedagogical innovation, creation of meaningful & impactful learning materials, and excellence in academic research.

We are committed to fostering an environment that supports continuous professional growth, collaborative learning, and effective teaching strategies, with an emphasis on enriching the didactic and clinical experiences for both faculty and students. Our overall mission is to enhance faculty educational expertise, contributing to the advancement of veterinary medicine education, research, and clinical practice.

Program Goals

  • Enhance Teaching Effectiveness: Provide workshops and resources on innovative teaching methodologies, educational technology, and instructional design to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Foster a Collaborative Community: Create opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty to share best practices, research interests, and educational resources.
  • Enhance Curriculum Delivery:
    Work closely with faculty to assess and improve course design, delivery methods, and assessment strategies to meet the evolving needs of veterinary education.
  • Encourage Educational Research: Support faculty in conducting scholarly research on veterinary education to contribute to the broader knowledge base and improve teaching and learning practices.
  • Adapt to Emerging Technologies:
    Equip faculty with the knowledge and tools to effectively incorporate emerging pre-clinical and clinical educational technologies, ensuring our program remains an academic leader.
  • Enhance Faculty Self-Evaluation: Collaborate with faculty to develop self-evaluations that provide constructive, timely feedback to faculty, aiding in their continuous teaching improvement and development.



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