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Oklahoma State University

Required Pre-Vet Courses

Field of Study (OSU Courses) Minimum  Semester Credit Hours

Animal Nutrition+*
Available by correspondence, OSU

(ANSI 3543)


Lab not required

(BIOC 3653)


Biological Science
General Biology & Animal Biology 
The equivalent of the above may have different titles.

(BIOL 1113 & 1111 or BIOL 1114)
(BIOL 1604 or ANSI 3414)


Chemistry I & II with Lab

(CHEM 1314 & 1515)


English Composition I, English Composition II, & English Elective

(ENGL 1113 & 1213 & English Elective: May include Speech, Literature, Communications, or Technical Writing)



(ANSI 3423 or BIOL 3023)


Humanities/Social Sciences

May include courses in English, Literature, Speech, Music, Art, Philosophy, Religion, Language, History, Economics, Anthropology, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, & Geography.


Microbiology with Lab

(MICR 2123 & MICR 2132)


Organic Chemistry I & II with Lab+
Must include aliphatic & aromatic compounds

(CHEM 3053, 3153 & 3112 or CHEM 3015 or CHEM 3013 & 3012)
The survey course is acceptable only if it includes the lab.


Physics I & II with Lab

(PHYS 1114 & PHYS 1214)



(STAT 2013)


Total Credit Hours:


+  All upper level courses must be taken at a four-year institution. This includes Animal Nutrition, Biochemistry, Genetics, and Organic Chemistry. These courses may not be taken at a two-year or community college.

*  Human, Plant, and species specific Nutrition courses will NOT satisfy the Animal Nutrition requirement. Acceptable Animal Nutrition courses should cover ruminant digestion, absorption, and metabolism. Feeds and Feeding courses are not accepted.

**  Animal Breeding and Livestock Improvement courses will NOT meet the Genetics requirement.

Notice: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many institutions are allowing their students the opportunity to take coursework in a Pass/No Pass format. The OSU-CVM has decided to accept courses taken in the Pass/No Pass format for the Spring of 2020 semester. This includes prerequisite coursework if completed with a grade of “Pass.”