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Oklahoma State University

Frequently Asked Questions

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Application Questions

Where can I apply?


OSU-CVM Admissions Processing Fee

When is the deadline to submit an application?

The VMCAS application deadline is typically September 17, unless that date falls on a weekend, then deadline will be the following Monday. For more information, see the VMCAS website.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement for applications to be considered?

Eligible applicants must have a minimum prerequisite GPA of 2.8

Do all of the requirements have to be completed before I submit my application?

No. While we prefer that applicants have the majority of all required coursework completed at the time of application, pending coursework may be completed throughout the application process. However, all required coursework must be completed prior to June 1 of the year of matriculation, if admitted. (Year of matriculation is the year you enter the DVM program.)

Please remember all coursework re-taken to replace a grade less than C must be done by the fall semester of application.

Am I required to get a letter of reference from an advisor, an employer, and a veterinarian?

We require three letters of reference, one of which must be from a veterinarian with whom you have worked and who can evaluate your potential as a veterinarian. The other categories of references are only suggestions for the remaining two letters.

Am I required to have a Bachelor’s Degree in order to apply?

No. As long as you can complete all required pre-veterinary courses by June 1, you may apply without a Bachelor’s Degree.

Where do I mail the letters of recommendation (ELOR)?

You do not mail the letters. Letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically through VMCAS.

When are admissions decisions made?

View the admissions timeline diagram showing application deadlines and when decisions are made.

What should I do if I can’t confirm my processing fee payment was successful?

Contact the CVM Student Services at 405-744-6961.

It is after the VMCAS deadline and there’s an issue with my application. What should I do?

Contact the Student Services Office, 405-744-6961. Although we will try to work with you to the best of our capabilities, please note that the OSU-CVM cannot process an application if it has not been through the verification process with VMCAS first.

Transcript Questions

When do I send transcripts?

Initial transcripts are due to VMCAS by September 17. If you are enrolled in fall courses, those transcripts are due to the CVM by January 15. If you are enrolled in spring courses and selected for the incoming class, those transcripts will be due to the CVM by June 1.

Where should I mail my transcripts?

Initial transcripts should be sent to VMCAS. Fall and spring transcripts should mailed to CVM Student Services.

Do I send a transcript from every college I have ever attended?

Yes. VMCAS must have an official transcript from every college or university you have attended.

What if the transcripts from my current school contain the grades from my previous schools?

Even if grades from one college or university are reported on a later transcript, VMCAS still requires an official transcript from every university attended.

What if I attended Oklahoma State University? Do you still need my official transcripts sent?

We are not able to print official transcripts from the university. You will need to request an official transcript sent from the OSU Registrar.

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Questions

What is the deadline for taking the GRE?

September 17 is the deadline for all GREs to be received by VMCAS. It typically takes GRE/ETS several weeks after the test is taken to successfully send the results so we highly encourage you to take the GRE no later than September 1 to meet this deadline.

Can I take the VCAT or MCAT instead of the GRE?

No. We only accept the General GRE.

Do you require the GRE Biology Subject test?


Can I re-take the GRE multiple times to improve my score?

Yes. You can take the General GRE once a month as many times as you would like. The highest set of scores on a particular test date will be used when the GRE has been taken more than once.

How long are GRE scores good for?

Four years.

What is the institution code for OSU-CVM?

The GRE institution code for OSU-CVM is 6558.

Coursework Questions

Do I have to take Animal Nutrition? My school does not offer it.

Yes. You can take it through OSU Correspondence Education. Other schools offering Animal Nutrition via distance learning include Rutgers, Purdue, Kansas State, Oregon State and North Carolina State.

What courses must be taken at a four-year institution?

Animal Nutrition
Animal Genetics
Organic Chemistry 1 & Lab
Organic Chemistry 2 & Lab

Correspondence Education Website

Can I use Advanced Placement (AP) credits to fulfill prerequisite courses?

Credit earned through advanced standing is acceptable, although it is not used in the computation of the grade point average. Official credit earned from the AP exam must be reflected on your undergraduate transcripts.

What if my total prerequisite credit hours don’t add up to 64?

Credit hours may vary by institution. Example of acceptable discrepancies: Microbiology & Lab at OSU are worth 5 credit hours combined. At another institution Microbiology includes a lab and is worth 4 credit hours. Both are acceptable.

Who can I ask if I am not sure if a course will satisfy the requirement?

Contact the Student Services Office at (405) 744-6961 at

Which courses are required for admission to the college?

View the courses required for admission on the Required Pre-Veterinary Courses page.

What should my college major be?

As long as you complete the prerequisite coursework, your major does not matter. The most common majors are Animal Science, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Physiology & Zoology.

Does it matter how long ago I took a required course?

Yes. Courses have to be taken within eight years of the year of application.

What courses other than the required ones can I take to prepare myself for veterinary school?

Physiology, Anatomy, Immunology, Reproduction, Histology, and Parasitology.

In-State vs Out-of-State Questions

How can I become an Oklahoma resident prior to acceptance?

Information regarding residency can be found on the Registrar's Residency Status page or by calling the Registrar at 405-744-6876.

Can I change my non-resident status after I have been admitted into the OSU vet school?

No. The only way to change residency after acceptance is to marry an already established Oklahoma resident after beginning the OSU DVM program.

Do you interview non-resident applicants?

No. Currently we only interview Oklahoma applicants.

General Questions

What is the class size?

We have a maximum of 106 seats available to first year students. The class is comprised of 58 Oklahoma residents and 48 non-residents.

Is it possible to find out where I placed on the alternate list?

No. This varies and is not an accurate reflection in determining chances of being admitted.

Are my chances of getting into the OSU CVM DVM Program better if I attend OSU as an undergraduate student?

No. Students may complete their pre-veterinary coursework at any accredited college or university.

Where can I get information about veterinary master’s degree and doctoral programs?

View information on master's degree and doctoral programs on the Graduate Program page.

Is there such a thing as a legacy program at OSU CVM?

No. The OSU Legacy program is not available for CVM students.