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Oklahoma State University

Dual Enrollment in Graduate and Professional Degree Programs

Current DVM students are eligible for concurrent enrollment in one of two dual degree programs at minimal cost:

  1. Dual DVM/Master of Business Administration
    • 32 hour program (can use 3 hours of VMED courses)
  2. Dual DVM/Master of Public Health
    • 42 hour program (can use 9 hours of VMED courses)

As a dual professional/graduate student, the graduate college waives tuition and duplicate fees for these programs, as long as enrollment is concurrent. Although duplicate fees are waived, there will be fees charged by the MBA and MPH programs based on the courses you are enrolled in.

When a student is taking only graduate courses (i.e. during the summer session), the student is responsible for all tuition and corresponding fees.

The OSU Graduate College has provided a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines this dual process. View the Memorandum of Understanding.


  1. 3.0 minimum DVM GPA
  2. Apply no earlier than spring semester of Year 1 for fall of Year 2

The Application/Enrollment Process

To begin the process, you must follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Complete the College of Veterinary Medicine--Dual DVM/MBA or Dual DVM/MPH Application.

  2. Once you have received approval from CVM Student Services, please notify the MBA or MPH coordinator of your intent.

  3. Complete the Graduate College application and pay the $50 fee.

Contact Information


Rodrigo Tello
MBA Program Manager
Watson Graduate School of Management


Charlie Love
Program Manager & Adviser
School of Health Care Administration


Beth Kelly
Graduate Student Program Coordinator
College of Veterinary Medicine