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Oklahoma State University

Trapping Cats

cat in trap

Renting Traps

Operation Catnip Stillwater offers traps for rent. Please visit the Trap Depot webpage for more information on renting traps.

Need Help Trapping Cats?

For cats located in Stillwater, our OCS Trap Team can help trap the cats and transport them to the clinic. Each location must be in 30 mile area of Stillwater and we must know who is feeding/caring for the cats prior to sending out our team.

Complete our out our Trap Team Request Form by clicking the "Trap Team Request Form" button

Trap Team Request Form

How to Trap Cats

For detailed instructions on trapping cats, review the process below.

Helpful Tips: Bring a flashlight with you if trapping at night. It will come in handy for checking traps from a distance and might help you avoid a twisted ankle in the dark. Bring a cap for the top of the mackerel can. Nothing smells worse than fish juice spilled in the car. Don't forget a spoon!