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Oklahoma State University

Comparative Exercise Physiology Lab

The CEPL performs basic, translational, and applied research in the field of exercise physiology and sports medicine, with the goal of improving the health and well-being and performance of animal athletes – even humans.  These activities are made possible by the acquisition and maintenance of facilities and equipment specific to the needs of athletic horses and dogs, including housing reserved for use by animals involved in teaching and research.

The CEPL is equipped with a robust array of scientific equipment for use in these activities, including high-resolution respirometry, whole animal calorimetry, non-invasive pulmonary mechanical measurements, on-site blood gas and serum chemistry analysis, video endoscopy, and a full array of standard bioscience benchtop analytical instruments.  Additionally, the CEPL maintains groups of dedicated equine and canine athletes as established research colonies, enabling the laboratory to conduct studies with a minimum of delay and expense normally associated with procuring appropriate subjects.  

The physical centerpieces of the CEPL are the Equine Sports Medicine Building, the Equine Research Park, and the Canine Performance Laboratory. These facilities each play a vital role in various aspects of the research preformed by the CEPL. They are not only assets for our research, but also for teaching and clinical activities. 

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