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Oklahoma State University

Wellness Committee

The College of Veterinary Medicine Wellness Committee was formed in June 2017 in response to the mental health and wellness crisis affecting students, clinicians and staff in the health professional fields.

The goals of the CVM are: 

  • to promote self-care and wellness among the students, staff and faculty;
  • to develop a curriculum that provides students with the necessary tools to enjoy a healthy, productive veterinary medical career;
  • and to continually re-evaluate our programs in the context of emerging health-related data.

To achieve and maintain these goals the responsibilities of the committee members include, but are not limited to: 

  • Promote wellness initiatives in the college
  • Oversee wellness initiatives in the college
  • Coordinate wellness initiatives between faculty, staff and students
  • Send a representative annually to the AAVMC Health and Wellness Summit or AVMA Wellness meeting.
  • Interact with SAVMA on student wellness issues
  • Coordinate curriculum wellness initiatives with the CEIC
  • Oversee, make recommendations for, the Wellness site on the CVM Intranet

Committee Members

Members of the College Wellness Committee (2019-2020) are listed below. Please feel free to contact any member with concerns, ideas or questions!

Dr. Shane Lyon, Chair (Clinical Sciences)

Dr. Susan Fielder, Vice-Chair (Pathobiology)

Dr. Laura Nafe, Secretary (Clinical Sciences)

Dr. Jill Akkerman (Physiological Sciences)

Lisa Gallery (VMH Staff)

Dr. Margi Gilmour (Associated Dean, ex officio)

Jeremiah Grissett (CVHS Counselor & Wellness Coordinator)

Alexis Hawton (Year II Rep)

Stacey Herriage (Graduate Student Rep)

Jennifer Jackson (OADDL Staff)

Julia Jordy (Year IV Rep)

Mary Watkins (SAVMA Wellness Committee Chair)

Kaylie Wehr (McElroy Staff)

Dr. Natasha Williams (House Officers)

Robin Wilson (Student Services, ex officio)

Greg Yoast (Year III Rep)

Give to the CVM Wellness Initiative

Support of CVHS wellness has allowed:

  • Development and support of the CVM House System
  • House T-shirts for all incoming students each year
  • Picnic table under the large oak tree next to the paddock

Give to CVM Wellness