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Oklahoma State University

Zoological Medicine Appointments

brandao and parrot

To make an appointment, please call (405) 744-7000, ext. 1.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment time to allow for check in.

Check in at the small animal clinic at OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital.

If possible, please print and complete the appropriate history form below prior to your appointment.

Avian History Form

Reptile & Amphibian History Form

Small Mammal History Form


Full payment is expected upon discharge of the patient from the hospital. Please visit the OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital Financial Policy to review the full financial policy.

Policy for Providing Veterinary Care for Privately Owned Native Wildlife and Other Exotic Species

The OSU Veterinary Medical Hospital provides veterinary services for a large variety of exotic pets. Native wildlife that is relinquished to the OSU VMH is cared for free-of-charge. Captive native wildlife will only be seen at OSU VMH if an appropriate license/permit is provided. Copy of the license has to be provided at the time of the visit. 

The OSU VMH does not provide veterinary care for the following species, with the exception of recognized zoos:

  • Privately owned primates
  • Large carnivores (which include but are not limited to wolves, large cats [tigers, lions, etc.] and hybrids of such species)
  • Venomous reptiles

If you are a licensed zoo, please contact the AEZ service to make appropriate arrangements.

Please call 405-744-7000 if you have any questions regarding whether your animal would be considered one of these species.