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Oklahoma State University


If you are thinking about breeding your dog or cat you may have some questions, or if previous attempts have proved unsuccessful, you may be feeling frustrated and disappointed. In either situation we are available to assist you.

 Services we offer:

  • Breeding Soundness Evaluation – male and female
  • Semen Collection and Evaluation
  • Breeding/Cycle Management
    • Ovulation timing
    • Progesterone assay
    • Vaginal Insemination
    • Transcervical Insemination
    • Surgical Insemination
  • Semen Shipping
  • Semen Freezing
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis
  • Cesarean Section
  • Whelping Management

Breeding Soundness Evaluation

This is a comprehensive examination of your animal where we not only look closely at their reproductive system, but at their overall health and wellness.

Semen Collection and Evaluation

Many factors can affect a dogs’ sperm quality, such as age, heat stress, cold stress, or certain chemicals. We recommend performing a full evaluation prior to breeding your dog, or if his fertility is in question and breedings are resulting in low pregnancy rates. 

Breeding/Cycle Management

Dogs can have normal variations in their cycle that can greatly impact their ability to get pregnant and their resulting litter size. When breeding with cooled shipped or frozen semen, knowing when to inseminate is crucial. We use a combination of external clinical signs, vaginal cytology, and progesterone levels to map out your dog’s cycle over the course of several days to get a more defined picture of the appropriate breeding window for your female.

Semen Shipping

Shipped cooled semen from your dog, or using cooled shipped semen in your female, will enable you as a breeder to diversify the genetic pool within your breeding program.

Semen Freezing

Freezing of semen in liquid nitrogen enables you to preserve your stud dog’s genetics indefinitely. The frozen semen can then be shipped domestically or across the world for planned breedings or saved long-term for future breedings.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Your dog’s pregnancy can be diagnosed using several modalities.  Ultrasonography can be utilized to detect the presence of a fetus in early stages of pregnancy and, as the pregnancy progresses, a radiograph can reveal the number of puppies that will soon be joining your family.

Cesarean Section

Due to physical conformation limitations, some breeds utilize the option of planned cesarean section births. To accurately schedule these procedures, pre-partum serum progesterone concentrations and ultrasounds evaluating fetal maturity are utilized.

Whelping Management

This is an exciting time for you and your dog and we will provide you with the information you will need to be prepared for free-whelping in your home environment!  Unfortunately, when a dystocia occurs (difficulty during the birthing process) it is an emergency and can be life-threatening.