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Oklahoma State University

Ophthalmology Surgical Procedures

Many of the surgeries below are performed under an operating microscope due to the delicate nature of the surgery. Surgical lasers including the carbon dioxide laser and diode laser are commonly used for ophthalmic surgery.


  • entropion and ectropion correction
  • ectopic cilia removal
  • distichia cryoepilation
  • medial canthoplasty
  • tumor excision with adjunct reconstruction, chemotherapy, laser ablation, cryotherapy or photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • eversion of scrolled cartilage

Lacrimal System

  • repositioning of prolapsed nictitans gland (cherry eye)
  • parotid duct transposition (PDT) for end stage dry eye


  • reconstructive surgeries (tissue grafts, corneal grafts)
  • dermoid, sequestrum and foreign body removal
  • tumor excision with adjunct laser ablation or cryotherapy
  • grid and diamond burr keratotomy (outpatient)
  • corneal intrastromal injection for fungal keratitis (outpatient)



  • cataract surgery with intraocular lens implants
  • lens removal for lens luxation


  • endolaser and transscleral laser ciliary body ablation
    valve placement


  • foreign body removal


  • laser retinopexy for retinal detachment

Globe and Orbit

  • prosthesis surgery (evisceration with intraocular prosthesis)
  • eye removal (enucleation) with or without an intraorbital prosthesis
  • exenteration for orbital tumor
  • orbital eploratory surgery
cataract surgery
Cataract surgery being performed on a horse
intracorneal injections
Intracorneal injections on a horse with a fungal infection of the cornea