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Oklahoma State University

Veterinary Medical Hospital - Our Mission

kaitlyn belanger

The Hospital is committed to providing the best possible veterinary medical care with compassion and concern for each animal’s problem.  The Hospital also serves as a vital resource to practicing veterinarians.  Faculty members willingly consult with private practitioners in the interest of animal healthcare. OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital reaches its goals thanks to faculty members who serve as role models, clients who allow the additional time it takes to teach students in the moment, and veterinarians who refer their patients for specialized treatment.

The Boren Veterinary Medical Hospital provides clinical instruction for the students while offering the finest veterinary care for its animal patients. In addition to the hospital, student-centered surgical services for area animal shelters are provided. Rotations during the senior year include not only the departments within the hospital, but also opportunities at the OKC and Tulsa zoos. The Hospital also prides itself on training interns and residents to become highly skilled board certified specialists.

OSU’s Veterinary Medical Hospital's mission is to educate tomorrow’s veterinarians in:

  • The art and science of clinical veterinary medicine
  • The importance of professionalism and ethics in the veterinary profession
  • The impact of the human-animal bond upon the pet owner
  • The practicing veterinarian’s role in educating the public regarding zoonotic diseases and public health safety issues.