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Oklahoma State University


The service is supported by board certified specialists in other areas of the hospital including anesthesiology, ophthalmology, radiology, cardiology and pathology. Licensed animal health technicians specifically trained in equine internal medicine and surgery assist our veterinarians and provide patient care during the day and after hours.

All the members of our team utilize state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic modalities with the common goal of delivering the highest possible standard of compassionate veterinary care to ill or injured horses, while training the equine practitioners and veterinary specialists of the future.

Members of our faculty have special interests in:

  • internal medicine
  • equine surgery
  • sports medicine
  • rehabilitation
  • radiology
  • neonatology
  • reproduction
  • neurology
  • ophthalmology
  • cardiology
  • anesthesiology and pain management
  • alternative medicine
  • dentistry
  • geriatric care  

We can perform endoscopy exams on horses at work on the treadmill. We can perform CT of the head and limbs and nuclear scintigraphy. Our imaging techniques also include digital fluoroscopy and ultrasound of limbs and chest and abdomen. We utilize complementary medicine such as acupuncture along with other therapeutic modalities to manage pain and help athletes perform to their potential.  

Dynamic Respiratory Scope