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Oklahoma State University


The Anesthesia Team is a group of dedicated, compassionate, and highly trained individuals who will make your pet or production/working animal as safe and comfortable as possible during procedures.

The Anesthesia Service is led by a veterinarian who is a board certified anesthesiologist and a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia (ACVAA).  Anesthesiologists undergo specialty training in anesthesia and pain management in all species, and have completed a rigorous program to become certified in this specialty. 

The Anesthesia Team also includes licensed veterinary technicians (RVTs) who have been trained by anesthesiologists in all aspects of administering anesthesia.  Our technicians perform under the supervision of the anesthesiologist, and are dedicated solely to providing anesthesia and pain management for both large and small animal patients.

 Anesthesia is not without risk, and we understand that it can be hard to let your animal undergo anesthesia even when it is for the benefit of quality of life.  Anesthesia for animals has come a long way and is safer than it ever was before, and a well-trained Anesthesia Team further reduces your animal’s risk.   It is our privilege and honor to work with your animal and we thank you for choosing us for this very important task!