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Trap Depot

cat traps

Operation Catnip Stillwater offers traps for rent through the Trap Depot:

  • The Trap Deport is open at specific times one week prior to the clinic and one week after the clinic to allow for trap pick-up and return. Specific hours of operation will be posted ahead of the clinic.

  • Trap rental requests are made at the time of clinic reservations. Please remember that each cat must come in an individual, humane wire trap. We do not accept cats in carriers, cardboard boxes, or unsafe traps at the clinic.

  • We require a $50 deposit for each trap rented at the Trap Depot for non-Stillwater residents. Stillwater residents are not required to pay a deposit; however, if traps are not returned Stillwater residents are subject to a visit from animal control to retrieve the traps.

Trap Depot Location

The Depot is located behind the Stillwater Animal Welfare at 1710 S. Main Street.

trap depot map
Location of Trap Depot in relation to the Humane Society of Stillwater.

The Trap Depot is located behind Stillwater Animal Welfare near the back parking lot on the south side of the building. Stillwater Animal Welfare is located at 1710 S. Main St. Stillwater, OK 74074