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Oklahoma State University

About Us

Operation Catnip Stillwater provides free Trap Neuter & Return services for community cats in Stillwater and surrounding communities. We hold monthly clinics throughout the academic school year where each cat is examined, scanned for microchip, ear tipped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated (rabies and FVRCP), and treated for parasites. Minor injuries are also addressed and treated. In addition to providing the cats and community a great service, each clinic allows veterinary and pre-veterinary students to gain valuable learning experiences about quality, high volume spay and neuter.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce the homeless cat population through a no cost, high volume Trap Neuter & Return program for the community of Stillwater, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

What is Trap Neuter & Return (TNR)?

Trap Neuter & Return or TNR is a humane method for addressing the ever growing feral and stray cat population within the United States. TNR works by sterilizing unowned/feral cats and then returning the cats to their original locations/colonies. While the ultimate goal is that the colony will cease to remain as the cats are unable to reproduce, there are many immediate benefits of TNR, for both humans and cats. 

It is estimated that there are more unowned free-roaming cats within the US than there are owned pet cats. Adoption and rehoming of these cats is not an option as most of the unowned and free-roaming cats are born wild and are lacking proper human socialization. Without the required socialization skills, feral cats fear and do not trust humans. At Operation Catnip Stillwater, our program addresses the feral and stray cat population through spaying and neutering.

Benefits of TNR

  • Reduces birth rates and kitten suffering
    • Less than half of kittens born live to 6 months of age
    • Most die due to disease and trauma
  • Decreases public nuisance complaints and health concerns
    • Reduces undesirable behavior such as spraying, vocalizing and fighting
  • Improves the overall health and quality of life of adult cats
    • Intact cats are prone to fighting and spreading cat related diseases
  • Decreases shelter euthanasia rates
    • Feral cats do not make good pets and are euthanized in shelter settings
  • Increases the number of cats vaccinated against rabies
    • Every cat in our clinic receives a FVRCP and Rabies vaccine


We are a non-profit organization funded by Petco Foundation grants, OSU-CVM, private donors and local businesses. On average it costs $30 per cat in supplies for the services we provide. We appreciate the generosity and support from the community. If you wish to make a donation, please stop by our next clinic between 7:30-9 a.m. or contact us at

Our Sponsors

Each year, we spay and neuter 100’s of feral cats and kittens. Our sponsors make our work possible. We extend a very special thank you to all of the companies and organizations who partner with us to make every surgery possible--Thank you for your very generous support.

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