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Oklahoma State University

Kid's Korner

Animal Resources

  • Equine Science 4 Kids: Learn all about horses! From equine nutrition and the environment to exercise physiology!

  • Days End Farm: Days End Farm is a rescue program that has provided coloring pages and additional resources that discuss different indicators of a horse’s mood based off of their facial expressions, games to reinforce different breeds, and activities that go over the anatomy of the horse.

  • CVM Kid's Page (FDA): Find resources for all ages on a variety of veterinary topics including infectious disease, public health, nutrition, exotic animals, and medications. There are word searches, matching games, and fact sheets that could be useful for activities at home or at school. It also contains resources for kids interested in a career in veterinary medicine

  • Noah's Ark Prezi Presentation: Click on the letter next to each animal to take you to an exciting fact about that animal!
    Click the back button or home button to return to the ark, then click on the letter for another animal.

  • AVMA Educator Resources: Find contains coloring sheets, lesson plans, and comic books aimed at getting kids interested in veterinary medicine. It also contains resources for future careers in veterinary medicine that could be used by teachers or parents. 

  • Just for Kids: Caring for Your Sick DogThis article contains a list of many ways a kid of any age can be involved in at home care of a sick pet. It would apply to a pet that is just under the weather or a critical pet needing at home hospice care.

  • Mobile Dairy Classroom: Teaching kids about the dairy industry is one of the SouthWest Dairy Farmers' priorities. The Mobile Dairy Classroom is a traveling milking parlor, featuring a live cow and an oral presentation. Their trained instructors demonstrate how to milk a cow, describe how milk goes from the farm to the consumer, and then answer questions from the audience. This is an innovative program that brings the dairy experience directly to children.