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Oklahoma State University


The Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (OADDL) promotes the overall well-being of animal health through veterinary diagnostic testing, instruction of professional students, and research in diseases of economic importance to Oklahoma and beyond.

Message to Veterinarians, Animal Owners and Producers

The professional staff at OADDL works closely with recognized experts in OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Boren Veterinary Medical Hospital and the National Center for Veterinary Parasitology to ensure that we provide contemporary, state-of-the-art veterinary diagnostics.  We are firmly committed to providing high quality, reliable and timely service to you.

At OADDL, we make every effort to charge reasonable fees for our diagnostic services and to avoid hidden fees.  Funding provided by the State of Oklahoma helps offset a portion of the expenses associated with operating OADDL. Please refer to the Fee Schedule outlined on our website for current testing fees.

We are also actively involved in client outreach and education.  Each year we have exhibitor booths at several regional and state meetings.  We also publish a quarterly electronic Newsletter that contains information on current diseases in Oklahoma, updates from OADDL and educational articles. You can access current and previous issues of our Newsletter via our website, and we encourage you to sign up to receive the four issues each year.

We welcome your input and feedback.  At OADDL, we understand the privilege and responsibility of serving animal interests in Oklahoma.

Summary of Services

  • Necropsy (Autopsy) Examination
      • Full-service gross and microscopic examination with ancillary testing
  • Biopsy Service
      • Short or detailed microscopic reports with special and immunohistochemical staining
  • Bacteriology/Mycology
      • Aerobic and anaerobic culture/sensitivity, bacterial and fungal identification
  • Parasitology
      • Parasite screening, identification and quantitation​
  • Molecular Diagnostics
      • PCR, RT-PCR and sequencing for a wide range of viral, bacterial and protozoal pathogens
  • Serology
      • Serum neutralization, antigen/antibody ELISA, Latex Agglutination

AAVLD Accredited


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OADDL is fully accredited for all species by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians. The core diagnostic services we provide include: pathology (necropsy and biopsy), bacteriology/mycology, parasitology, molecular diagnostics, serology and toxicology.

NAHLN Member

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OADDL is a member of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network and performs diagnostic tests for targeted surveillance programs and emergency response testing for foreign animal diseases including: Avian and Swine Influenza Virus, Avian Paramyxovirus-1, Classical Swine Fever and Foot and Mouth Disease Virus.

Vet-LIRN Laboratory

OADDL is a Vet-LIRN laboratory assisting in FDA investigations involving potential risks to the nation’s food or animal feed supply. Veterinary Laboratory Investigation and Response Team

Accreditation Certificates