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Oklahoma State University

Director's Desk

ashish ranjan
Ashish Ranjan, B.V.Sc., PhD
Professor & Kerr Endowed Chair

INTERACT is working to provide an open network of resources throughout our university in collaboration with our outside partners in industry, federal, and academic institutes to promote One-Health Research. In facilitating these partnerships, our mission is to encourage small and large animal clinical trials, and also translate those for human therapies and diagnostics. 

INTERACT is endowed with diverse expertise in the areas of clinical medicine (oncology, infectious diseases, parasitology, reproductive and merging diseases), engineering, and basic sciences. We hope that this can provide the foundations to bridge the gaps between academia and other stakeholders (e.g. industry), innovating on novel medical treatments. To further support these efforts, INTERACT plans to fund pilot research to support collaborative research.

Throughout 2021, we will be providing a seminar series showcasing investigations at the forefront of clinical research. This includes our inaugural seminar on March 1 by Dr. Philip Dormitzer, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer on "Application of New Vaccine Technologies to the COVID-19 Pandemic”. I invite the external partners and general public to attend these webinars, and learn more about the exciting research works.

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