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Oklahoma State University


focused ultrasound

Founded in 2019, INTERACT strategically focuses on developing and translating our novel discoveries for patient therapy. The College of Veterinary Medicine has a long history of conducting clinical trials against a variety of chronic disease. In recent years, we have developed novel biocompatible materials, nanomedicines, and minimally-invasive robotic surgeries for use in veterinary practice. Our long-established history in conducting clinically relevant research provides significant opportunities to conduct government- and industry-sponsored research in translational medicine across a range of disciplines, benefiting veterinary patients and humans.

INTERACT is situated in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. The institute enjoys dedicated clinical space and shared lab space with basic science departments. The institute currently has participation from intramural and extramural scientists involved in oncology, infectious diseases, parasitology, reproductive and emerging diseases. INTERACT also supports multidisciplinary professional and graduate programs intended to provide a broad base and prepare individuals for a range of careers, including teaching and research. Building upon our recent success with focused ultrasound therapy, we are rapidly expanding cutting-edge research that broaden the scope of cancer treatment, minimally invasive procedures, and other applications with an eye towards eventual clinical translation.


  • Pursue bench to bedside research in oncology, infectious diseases, parasitology, reproductive and emerging diseases of small and large animals
  • Promote innovations in device directed minimally invasive and targeted therapeutics
  • Encourage convergence medicine by partnering nationwide with industry, federal and academic institutions engaged in clinical research

Key Activities

  • Our clinical trials have shown that focused ultrasound can offer significant benefits over traditional treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation by eliminating solid cancer and non-healing infections in 1-3 treatment session, reducing the follow-ups and treatment costs.
  • Our state-of-the-art minimally invasive suite has helped investigate novel interventional approaches that reduces surgical complications, and improve outcomes against life-threatening diseases.
  • Our microbiome initiative is allowing fundamental understanding of its role in parasitic and oncologic diseases in patients.
  • Our laser program is devising ways to induce disc ablations in a safe and non-toxic manner.
  • Executed formal agreements with a private veterinary hospital in Oklahoma City and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York to encourage faculty collaborations and expand the enrollment of clinical trials related patient populations.