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Oklahoma State University

Give to the Veterinary Medical Hospital

General Giving Opportunities

  • Veterinary Medical Hospital Fund: Supports the greatest needs of the hospital to enable the hospital to continue to provide excellent care to more than 15,000 animals annually.
  • OSU Animal Relief Fund | Emergency care of animals injured or displaced by extreme weather events or other severe circumstances.
  • Pay-It-Forward Animal Assistance| Provides support for treatment and procedures that are considered curative for owned and stray animals visiting the Veterinary Medical Hospital.

Small and Large Animal Giving Opportunities

  • Equine Section Fund | Provides financial support to improve the Equine Section of the Hospital.
  • Food Animal Section Fund | Provides financial support to improve the Food Animal Section of the Hospital.
  • Small Animal Section Equipment Fund | Funds are used to purchase equipment for the Small Animal Section of the Veterinary
  • Medicine Teaching Hospital.
  • Small Animal Surgery Section | Supports the work of the small animal surgery group of the hospital.
  • Wildlife Care Fund | Supports Avian, Exotic & Zoo Medicine Service at the Veterinary Medical Hospital for clinical treatment and rehabilitation for orphaned wildlife.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ashley Hesser, director of development at the OSU Foundation at 405-385-0715 or