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Oklahoma State University

Dr. Chenang Liu on INTERACT

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Chenang Liu, Ph.D.

Chenang Liu, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the School of Industrial Engineering and Management in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology.

“My research is mainly focused on data analytics,” Liu said. “I believe data analytics will play a more critical role in the medical areas. INTERACT provides us with extensive opportunities to collaborate with other people who are interested in these areas. I hope to connect with other faculty members who are doing clinical and experimental work in the medical field. Using analytics, we can provide feedback to those groups conducting experiments. I think my work can help them solve their problems more effectively.

“Since we focus on the development of advanced data analytics, mission learning and artificial intelligence, I think these technologies can be really helpful for the research data of others in INTERACT.

“My short-term goals for my work connected to INTERACT would be to establish collaborations with other members in INTERACT. I hope we can help each other to fully maximize our values in our research areas and generate more valuable, interesting research ideas which will result in more high-impact works.

Currently Liu’s lab has developed different types of measures and conducted several successful case studies with medical applications.

“I believe our work can be further improved and applied to more real world problems. I really look forward to establishing more collaborations and communications with other INTERACT members. Maybe we can generate more significant and attractive ideas and through collaboration and communication, we can output more high impact works.

“As people know more about the mission, accomplishments and the future plans of INTERACT, I think it will attract more members. I believe INTERACT has a very bright future. I think it will be a very good platform and there will be many potential opportunities.”

The Institute for Translational and Emerging Research in Advanced Comparative Therapy (INTERACT) aims to fulfill One Health research by conducting parallel investigations in both humans and animals. INTERACT promotes interdisciplinary research within the veterinary college, across the OSU campus and throughout the state and nation by developing and translating discoveries into therapies for patients. INTERACT has faculty participants from almost all OSU colleges, industry experts, foundation partners, and personnel from other academic institutions around the country. For more information, visit INTERACT or  contact

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