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Dr. Rosslyn Biggs on INTERACT

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Dr. Rosslyn Biggs

Dr. Rosslyn Biggs currently serves as an assistant clinical professor, the director of continuing education and a beef cattle extension specialist at Oklahoma State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

“The role INTERACT plays in our outreach mission is really critical,” Biggs said. “Certainly in the last year we’ve seen the importance of One Health and how human and veterinary medicine and the environment interface during this pandemic. INTERACT is able to provide us really cutting-edge research that is applicable to both veterinary and human medicine. From our outreach mission, we’re able to then disseminate that to veterinarians as well as physicians and other interested stakeholders to get that research out there where it can be applied. Veterinary clinical research and partnering with human hospitals is important because of our One Health initiative. In addition, we can learn from each other and advance both our areas.

“I think the INTERACT team has really made some monumental strides even in the short period of time they have been operating. For me, I would love to see those clinical applications of the research taken right to the patient where it can make a difference.”

The INTERACT team launched their Eminent Speaker Series with Dr. Philip Dormitzer, Pfizer vice president and chief scientific officer of viral vaccines, who presented insight into the warp speed pace that his company and German partner BioNTech embarked on for the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We had a tremendous response to Dr. Dormitzer’s presentation. The enthusiasm that we had from veterinarians was amazing. Even in Dr. Dormitzer’s comments, he mentioned the foundation and the research that came out of veterinary medicine and how that helped the Pfizer team in developing, laying that framework for them to be successful in a really rapid fashion with creating their own vaccine.

“The other thing about Dr. Dormitzer that I appreciated is I had the opportunity to serve as moderator for that event and was a little bit nervous to interact with someone of his position and caliber. As we were getting ready to go live, he signed in not as Dr. Dormitzer, not as Philip Dormitzer, M.D., but he signed in as Phil. It’s important, I think, to recognize that these are regular people. Their intent is to make an impactful mark in the world.

“We’re really looking forward to our upcoming speakers, our seminar series related to INTERACT. We have a Nobel Prize winner on tap next and so we certainly invite all—whether you’re in human medicine or veterinary medicine or just interested in INTERACT—to join us.

The Institute for Translational and Emerging Research in Advanced Comparative Therapy (INTERACT) aims to fulfill One Health research by conducting parallel investigations in both humans and animals. INTERACT promotes interdisciplinary research within the veterinary college, across the OSU campus and throughout the state and nation by developing and translating discoveries into therapies for patients. INTERACT has faculty participants from almost all OSU colleges, industry experts, foundation partners, and personnel from other academic institutions around the country. For more information, visit INTERACT or  contact

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