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Oklahoma State University

Chat with Dr. Temple Grandin

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine’ students, faculty and clinicians will have the opportunity to video chat with Dr. Temple Grandin on Tuesday, Oct. 1, in Room 101 McElroy Hall Auditorium with a live stream to Room 201 McElroy Hall for overflow seating. Grandin is well known for how she handles small and large animals and her unique perspective on understanding how animals see, think and feel.

Students are urged to arrive at 5:30 p.m. to get food, which will be provided, and find a seat before the program begins at 6:30 p.m. A raffle will be held for Dr. Temple Grandin books. Grandin has appeared on television shows such as 20/20, 48 Hours, Prime Time Live, and the Today Show. She has also been featured in People magazine, New York Times, Forbes and Discover magazine. In 2010 she was named in Time’s Top 100 Most Influential People list. She is on the New York Times best seller list and has an HBO movie called “Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes” about her life, which has won seven Emmy awards and a Golden Globe. In 2017, Grandin was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame and in 2018 she was named a fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

This program is sponsored by Zoetis, the Production Animal Medicine Society Club, Small Animal General Practitioners Club and the American Association of Equine Practitioners Club.

MEDIA CONTACT: Derinda Blakeney, APR | OSU College of Veterinary Medicine | 405-744-6740 |

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