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Oklahoma State University

Veterinary CE: Fall Conference 2020 - COVID-19 Topics

Friday, March 26, 2021

The College of Veterinary Medicine announces a new online continuing education course for veterinary professionals. 

During this course, attendees will hear two sessions recorded at Fall Conference including The Unexplained and the Unknown, Covid-19 with Dr. Burke Healey, and Under the Microscope, Keeping Up with the SARS-CoV2 Sciences with Dr. Jennifer Rudd. 

In Module 1, the attendees will explore the following learning objectives: understanding the role of Veterinarians in an unfolding, ongoing pandemic regarding animal production, particularly the swine slaughter backlog in April 2020; summarize and reflect on learned lessons from the 2014-2015 High Path Avian Influenza outbreak and the 2020 Outbreak in North Carolina and South Carolina; learn about the role and significance of innovation in Animal Agriculture.

In Module 2, attendees will examine seven learning objectives including being able to differentiate reliable vs. unreliable scientific news and information sources; describe the positive impacts and limitations of mask wearing, distancing, and other public health measures in relation to COVID-19 as applicable in a practice setting; explain the data supporting droplet and aerosolized routes of transmission; discuss current treatment options; explain basis processes of vaccine development; provide up-to-date client communication regarding Zoonotic potential; understand science is a process that is made clearer over time, and sometimes we need to advise based on the most reliable data available.

The instructor for the first module of this course is Dr. Burke Healey. Dr. Healey is the United States Department of Agriculture Chief Veterinarian and leads the program’s many employees in protecting and improving the health, quality and marketability of U.S. agricultural animals, animal products and veterinary biologics.

The second module is instructed by Dr. Jennifer Rudd. She is a board-certified veterinary microbiologist and 2011 graduate of OSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Her research in respiratory infectious disease focuses on the immune response to polymicrobial pneumonias, especially in influenza pandemic models. She continues to be involved in a variety of collaborative research projects, including studies in SARS-CoV-2.

Registration fee:  $40.00; 2 CE credits

Time Requirements

  • Approximately 2 hours
  • This course has two modules which can be completed at your own pace.

NOTE:  To use this course for 2021 CE, please complete the course by June 30, 2021. 

To Register:

Questions?  Contact Christine via email, or 405-744-7672

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