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Oklahoma State University

Mission and Vision


Innovation in animal and human health.


To be innovative world leaders in healthcare, research, and professional education.

Core Values

  • Communication: Understanding the importance of good communication for the proper functioning of the team and advancing our common goals.

  • Integrity: We will demonstrate at all times, and expect of our colleagues, the highest standards of personal integrity. 

  • Accountability: We will be accountable for our own actions, work, and words

  • Teamwork: Understanding that a team is stronger than the sum of its parts, and that we perform better as a team.

  • Leadership: Recognizing that we can all be leaders.

Strategic Plan

In September 2018, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine faculty, staff and students came together to identify specific strategies to advance the college and elevate the veterinary medicine profession. After many hours of discussion on mission and vision statements, core goals and values and defining objectives, the CVM Strategic Plan was born.

View the CVM Strategic Plan