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Oklahoma State University

International Partnerships

The College of Veterinary Medicine has several opportunities to work internationally whether you are a faculty member, staff or student. The College has established Memorandums of Understanding with Humanimal Trust in the United Kingdom and the University of Nantes in France. Talks are also underway with representatives from the Kenya Cattle Feeders Association and the veterinary medicine program representatives at Haramaya University in Ethiopia.

Humanimal Trust

Humanimal Trust is a United Kingdom based charity which drives collaboration between veterinarians, physicians and the allied health/scientific disciplines. Inspired by INTERACT’s goal to promote One Health research by developing new therapeutics and diagnostic platforms for both veterinary and human medical settings, Humanimal Trust felt a partnership was a good fit.

Both entities will have the opportunity to:

  • Support One Health initiatives
  • Learn approaches specific to each country to improve animal and human lives globally
  • Participate in cross-country research projects
  • Travel internationally when international travel restrictions are lifted

For more information, see OSU Vet Med Partners with Humanimal Trust.

University of Nantes

This transatlantic partnership was fostered by the individual initiatives and research collaborations of internationally recognized faculty including scientists and clinicians with a successful track record of independent research – Dr. Veronique Lacombe from OSU and Drs. Benjamin Lauzier and Yannick Guilloux from the University of Nantes.

The partnership will utilize complementary strengths, including unique state-of-the-art expertise and institutional resources, to tackle multifaceted disease problems and develop novel therapeutic strategies to enhance the wellbeing of animals, people and the environment.

The collaboration aims to promote cooperation in instruction, research and outreach including various forms of exchange (both in person and remotely) among students and faculty within the two institutions.

For more information, see OSU Vet Med Partners with University of Nantes.

Kenya Cattle Feeders Association

The Kenya Cattle Feeders Capacity Building Project is a collaboration between the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya to the United States of America and Oklahoma State University to expand veterinary diagnostics, feedlot education, cattle research, and production in Kenya. Activities may involve the areas of instruction, research, and extension while including various forms of exchange among professionals and scholars.

The sharing of knowledge and ideas to improve all elements of the beef cattle supply chain is anticipated. The initial focus will be centered on enhancing veterinary diagnostics, cattle health, and disease biosecurity initiatives for Kenya Cattle Feeders Association operations.